About my work


Adele Goulty


My process of making is predominantly coiling and slabbing, the surfaces of which are usually burnished followed by a low bisque firing. The forms are then saggar fired in a gas kiln using a mixture of sulphates, salts and other organic matter.



Clay is a very seductive medium and the process of making involves all the elements ,earth ,fire , air and water . The flame invariably has the last say in any piece of work I produce. There's also a wonderful feeling of excitement whenever you open a kiln, it's a bit like Christmas, sometimes you get some wonderful surprises other times a few disappointments.  


There is always something new to discover in the process of making ceramics .... which is why I love being a potter. Influences in my work are too many and varied to mention, but nature and travel I suppose are my prime source material. I love nothing more than beach combing, finding a beautiful pebble, fossil or piece of driftwood, my special finds from the sea, these objects give an endless source of inspiration for my work. Paul Soldner, Magdalene Odundo, Julia Quigley, Siddig el Nigoumi and David Roberts have all had an influence on my work.

As David Leach said of the Raku potter " The direct handling of live flame, fires the pyromaniac imagination to experiment", my experimentation continues.